Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Next House a project - Update

The final window is in place. The sill for this window was really difficult. Lots of notches and cut outs. But it's done! By the way...a trick to make it easier handling the windows. Take the individual window glasses out so that you only have to lift the frame to install it. Much lighter that way. Once installed, it's easy to just put the glass panels back in place. 

One more wall to enclose, but that is going to include a door. A bit more tricky to do. 

Next step is super easy....exterior siding.  Cut, nail, and caulk. Zip...done. Trick -- design the wall so that there is nothing but straight cuts. Avoid complicated bits and angles. In this wall, the trim will handle any gaps in the siding. 

The game plan :
...install electrical outlets
...apply cedar T&G on the interior walls
...trim out the room, inside and out
...sand and paint the ceiling rafters
...remove the two sliding glass doors between the livingroom and this newly enclosed porch
...install the flooring in the livingroom and enclosed porch 

I still need to sit down and decide about the flooring. Got the livingroom decided-- 6"x24" tiles that look like wood. But no decision yet for the enclosed porch. We're leaning towards sheet goods of some sort. 

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