Sunday, August 4, 2019

Colorful Potatoes

Growing weird potatoes is fun. Yes! I grew up knowing only two types of potatoes -- white russet bakers and red skinned boilers. I was long since into my adult years when I discovered that potatoes came in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and color combinations. 

To date this year I've harvested 3 potato varieties. 

La Ratte. This one is a yellowish-white fleshed fingerling. Great for frying or boiling. Just don't try to mash it. It has a delightful nutty flavor. 

La Ratte

Dark Red Norland. The potato of my childhood. Red skinned, white fleshed. Mom used this one for everything but baking. 

Just like the label says.....Dark Red Norland

Purple Majesty. Purple skinned, purple fleshed. It's a beauty. Makes great fried potatoes. We like the flavor of this one. 

Purple Majesty

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