Friday, August 2, 2019

Bracing for a Hurricane

Hawaii just had a hurricane pass south of the islands -- Hurricane Erick. With all the storm warnings, I did indeed take a few precautions. I filled the truck up with gas, plus I refilled all our gasoline storage cans. And other than bracing the greenhouses, that was it. We already keep plenty of drinking water and food on hand. Our in-house pharmacy is well stocked. We always keep extra propane on hand. And there's plenty of ammo in case I'd have to dispatch any injured livestock. The generator and chainsaw are always kept in repair. So I think we're covered.

Bracing the greenhouses is the only unusual step I take. Not that this simple method would be adequate for really high winds, but it's fine for the storms that usually hit us. I discovered from previous storms that the central hoop of the greenhouse is the weak point. So if I install a single cross brace, it saves the hoop from being overly torqued and thus breaking, 

Cross braces installed. 

I guess I could make this more complicated, but this set up works. It's easy and quick to install and take down. And it only requires two 2x4s, two metal spikes, and a few screws.

The metal stake is one used for concrete forms. It has holes th can put a screw through. 

As I've said, this is only a solution for a small hurricane. Perhaps I should work on a more substantial solution in the event of a stronger storm. 

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  1. I confess I pay more attention to tropical activity in the Atlantic, because while we're far enough inland to miss the brunt of a hurricane impact, we can still get a lot of damage from wind and rain. However! You not only can get the land collision force, you have nowhere to evacuate to! I'm glad this one didn't do much damage. You're wise to prepare just in case.