Thursday, November 8, 2018

New Tires for the Utility Cart

I have a utility cart that I pull behind the atv. It's something I use every day, often multiple times a day. I recent noticed that the tires were badly worn. I think I got my money's worth out of the cart tires.......

I actually wore a hole right through the rubber. What surprised me when I discovered this is that the inner tube was still intact. That's right. The tire wasn't flat. Amazingly good luck. 

Since the other tire was worn, but not as badly, I opted to buy two new tires. They arrived yesterday, so I immediately set to getting them mounted onto the utility cart so that I'd be back in business hauling things around the farm again. 

I had greased the axels with lithium grease when I mounted the last set of tires, but even so, it took some persuasion to get the old tires off. A hammer and a block of wood came in handy. Once off, I set about cleaning up the axels. Normally I'd use sandpaper but alas, I had none. Rather than dropping everything and heading for the Ace, I improvised. A rasp and steel wool did a decent job of cleaning the axels. 

Before mounting the new tire, I applied lithium grease to the axel. A rubber mallet gently got the tire in place. 

Last step......install the cotter pins to hold the wheel in place. But the old cotter pins were corroded beyond use. Since I didn't want to leave to go buy new ones right away, I made temporary fasteners out of electric fencing wire. 

Back to work! 

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