Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Moving on to Beds 4 & 5

Dry conditions are allowing the soil to dry out enough so that I can get back to farming with a vengeance. Hauling compost, digging weeds, tilling, planting, mowing, watering. I think I'm going to be good & tired at the end of the day! Today I've reclaimed two more beds. This means degrassing them, adding compost and a few other soil amendments, tilling it in to create a light, airy soil bed.

Prepared and ready for planting.......

Bed 4&5 are in the same general area I've been working on these past couple days. So at least this one little patch on the farm is looking like someone actually grows something around here. Each bed is 112 square feet, thus adding 224 sq ft more into what I'm working with this year. Each bed is being planted in taro this time around. In the past you would have seen golden beets, green beans, snow peas, cabbage, cauliflower, dill, onions, cilantro, basil, potatoes, or cardoon.

Taro starts ready for planting.......

Between these two beds, I got 7 more taro varieties planted. 

After planting, each plant is well watered in, using about a gallon of water per plant. Then the entire bed is mulched with grass clippings. 

Below is bed 5. Right after lunch I finished up mulching this bed and got all the labels in place. 

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