Saturday, July 14, 2018

Back to Planting Again

Im finally getting some good garden time in....
... Bed #1--- Weeded and mulched one of the pineapple patches. 
... Mowed around several garden beds, collecting 8 trashcanfuls of clippings. 
... Hauled compost over to the garden area I'm working on and tilled it in. 
... Bed #2--- Started planting some bean seeds and a few taro huli before it started to pour rain.

Rain. Happily the rain proved just to be a brief downpour. Got everything soaking wet on the surface, just enough to stop my gardening efforts. But that's ok. I still feel that I got something accomplished. So I switched jobs to preparing garden stakes and cleaning up the mini greenhouses. Also prepared 4 trashcanfuls of compost tea for using tomorrow morning. 

The grass around these garden beds have been mowed down using the lawnmower's closest setting. That won't kill this grass, but will slow down its growth for a couple weeks. I like keeping the grass walkways because they provide better footing and help control the excess moisture that we've been getting. I can get away with scalping the grass this time of year. It grows back with a vengeance. But during the winter months the grass regrows much more slowly, so scalping isn't a good idea at that time. And scalping isn't something I'd do during drought times either, but it's been raining a bit almost every day, which us keeping the soil moist and grass growing. 

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