Sunday, June 3, 2018

Eruption Continues

Although Kilauea summit has settled down somewhat, the lava eruption in Puna has been going on full speed ahead. The current lava flow is a monster. It extends over a half mile wide. It's deep aa lava. Totally an unstoppable force, it has overrun the last access road, and now is destroying one farm and building one after the other. 

The amount of lava is mind boggling. The entire front is moving, creeping along. It's heading for the densely housed residential area of Kapoho Beach Lots and Vacationland Subdivision. Those two housing areas on the right of the photo below are in eminent danger. In the next few hours, they may be completely overrun by lava. 

(Below, a satellite photo from google maps) 

More sadness. One of my friends just informed me that their newly purchased home is gone, destroyed by the lava. While it's a complete financial loss, they are not in desperate straits. Others aren't as fortunate. Via the coconut wireless we are hearing news of suicides. The tragedy of this eruption just grows and grows. 

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