Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Doing Good to Feel Better

This past few weeks have been bummers. Not there was bad stuff happening in the farm that was out of the usual sort of happenings. Oh yes, "bad" things do happen, but I roll with most of it. Animals get sick....., I treat them. Volcanic ash threatens to cause problems.......I clean it up and/or wear a dust mask. ATV tire develops a leak..... I fix it. Cabbage and carrot seedlings rot away...... I'll seed more in another week and hope for sun. Grass has been continually too wet to I weedwack it down and hope to mow it up if and when things dry out. Piglet digs out of pen...... I show Adam the benefits of having trained piglets to come to "peeeg-peeeg-peeeg" for their dinner. Piglet successfully back in pen with no effort. And on and on. No, the farm isn't the bummer. It's the continuing devastation being caused by Mother Nature's volcano. It's the hundreds of homes destroyed, livelihoods gone, people's dismay. I'm not experiencing their loses, but I empathize with them. There's little I can do to help, though help I have, within my means. 

Today I found that volunteering with Advocats at another spay/neuter clinic did much to help temporarily relieve my funk. While I can't do a whole lot more to help the Puna folks, I can help a few more feral and semi-feral cats have better quality lives. Some of the cats we saw today have been dealt bad hands from life.....through no fault of their own. Some had picked up parasites, acquired injuries, were sick, were debilitated from having kittens, were skinny. We could help these cats have better lives. It felt very good to be making a very significant difference in the life of an innocent creature. 

My inner spirit has been healed a bit today. I notice that some of the tension I've been harboring is gone tonight. That is good. This type of volunteering is the sort of thing that is good for me. The next spay/neuter clinic I'll be helping at will be then end of June. I'm already looking forward to it. I think I'll sleep good tonight. 

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  1. Mahalo for the words of wisdom in such dispair on our island. Today my boss told us to be positive in regards to the lava. Yes we are going to struggle but we are all survivors we will persevere. Let’s give our respect for all that has been lost and try our best to move on. My sister lost her home in Kapoho but so did all of her neighbors amd she told me they are hosting a celebration of life for Kapoho so they can move the passing of a family member or friend. Anyway Aloha to you ����