Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hottest 24 Hours So Far

Yesterday I recorded a high of 84° and a low of 68°. This is the highest readings I've had since I started keeping records in the beginning of 2005. 

I have one of those high-low thermometers that I keep in a shaded spot under a lanai roof. I've never moved it from that spot. Each morning at 7 I record the low for that morning and the high of the day before. I reset the thermometer about 9 a.m. after I come in from morning chores. I attempt to keep everything consistent. 

Although I've been keeping my own records for years now, recently I've been posting the data on a website called ..........
The sight is designed for rain data, but by using the daily comments/reports, I can also keep records of daily temps. Because of my nasty habit of misplacing past calendars (where I used to keep daily records), I pleased to be able to use the Cocorahs instead. 

If you happen to visit the website, you may find the "maps" feature interesting. And of course there is the "view data" function. By the way, my station is hi-hi-12

Consider joining the group. It's pretty neat to see what the weather is like in your own area. 

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