Friday, June 16, 2017

Fun on a Farm

Why does farming, or even gardening, have to be so serious, so dry, so dull. Ya know, if a government inspector sees a pretty, playful farm they automatically label it "hobby". Those farmers say they have a heck of a time qualifying for grants and loans. I've had several tell me this is far too often the truth. How sad. 

Farming and gardening can be fun. True, it's lots of hard work, but it can be enjoyable. I've seen other people's places where they have made crazy yard art out of farm discards -- fanciful animals, wind chimes, sun catchers and such. Others have made mazes, especially corn mazes for public enjoyment. Many gardeners, but also some serious growers, have odd shaped growing beds, herb spirals, plant towers, vertical gardens, and creative trellises. I've been in farms and spied some fun stuff in the corners -- garden trolls and little troll houses, dinosaur guardians, stick animals, colorful cartoonish signs and labels. Fun stuff. 

The Tin Man 

(Tin Man graces the yard of Bedlam Farm) 

I visited an herb farm many years ago. The farmer team, a husband and wife, had created curving beds, some with artistic designs. From the air, the beds created amazing Amish hex signs. They also arranged some of the herbs by color and foliage texture, making the place quite visually pleasing. On top of this all, they used crazy stuff for container gardens, crazy stuff that would either make you smile or shake your head -- an old claw foot bathtub, a toilet, a wheelbarrow, old kitchen cement sinks. This farm was a serious income producer, but the farmers could still have fun with it. 

I haven't gotten my own farm to the whimsical stage yet that I desire, but it's on the way. I've got some yard art here and there. And I've made some interesting fences and walls around some pastures. 

Another way to make farming fun is to sing and dance while working. Stick around long enough and you might catch me singing to the plants, or dancing in the gardens while working. Listening to music is great while I'm working, so it's not that too much of a stretch for me to suddenly break into fanciful dancing. 

Then there's Worldwide Naked Gardening Day. Been there, done that. Looking forward to next time. 

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