Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Anise Hyssop

I'm exploring herbs....and having a blast! So far I've "discovered" many different basils (I once thought that basil was just basil. Silly me.) Dill. Three types of oregano. 3 mints. Rosemary. Summer savoy. Bay laurel. Cilantro. Sage. Chives. Parsley. Salad burnet (I'm not excited by this one.) And just this year, chervil and catnip. At a cat spay/neuter today, "K" gifted me a packet of anise hyssop seed. What a nice gesture! 

I'm told that the bees are really attracted to this herb. Well, of course that's good. But when I crushed a leaf, the aroma that greeted my nose was very enticing. Instantly I thought of a nice cup of licorice tea. So while my bees may enjoy this herb, they've got competition. I plan to add this to my collection of soothing teas. 

I've never tried growing this herb, let alone consuming it. So, it looks like I'm in order for another new adventure. I'll be checking the Internet to see how to grow this one. The first seeds get sown tomorrow. No sense in delaying, and I'm eager to see some new baby seedlings next week. 

Just a side note - I was never much of an herb eater until I moved to Hawaii to start the next chapter in my life. Now I'm in love with herbs, fresh herbs, that is. Fresh herbs are so amazingly superior that I find myself seldom using dried ones. 

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