Sunday, January 17, 2016

Update...and New Kitten

The past two weeks have been consumed with routine chores, catching up on overdue tasks, and setting the stage for new projects. Boring stuff not worthy of news updates. And I've been too occupied (and tired out at the end of the day) to put much mental effort into discussing thoughtful topics. Not that I don't have a list to choose from to discuss., my readers, have been sending me plenty of suggestions. I thank you for all of the topic ideas. 

But there has been something new. We did add a new member to the farm....another kitten. As with so many other kittens in the past, we took this one in to save its life, with intentions of finding it a suitable home. But we didn't seem to be the ones in charge of that decision this time around. Three of our adult cats adopted this kitten and decided that it was family. Ha, sometime things just happen that way. The cats made the decision, not us. 

So here's Spot, coal black little girl with a shortened, kinky tail, snuggling up with her foster big sister......
I told you she was coal black. She completely disappears into the fur of Toy. 

Born in a feral litter, taken in at four weeks of age, and mothered by three house cats. Spot now shows zero feral tendencies. In fact she is a little hyperdrive, outgoing streaker that gallops around the house, often crash landing on our laps for a quick purr session, body rub, and five minute nap before bounding off again to bounce off the walls once again. She's also taken to the dog, Crusty, frequently riding his back and attacking his ears. What a character! 

(Pictured above, she is now 9 weeks old.) 

Luckily we have plenty of elbow room here and can easily accommodate another cat. But some day we may have to change the name of the place to "The Cat House". 

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