Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Lamb - A Keeper

Went out in the early morning to care for the sheep and found this new arrival. What a pretty lamb, and a strapping big boy. Dad= Mystery Ram. Mom= Stacy. This little fella looks a lot like his dad.

Stacy is a real good mother. This is her third lamb, so she has the drill down pat now. She's got a habit that she developed with her first lamb.....she hikes one hind leg aside so that it's easier for the newborn to find the udder. Once her lamb is a week old, she stops doing that. Quite a neat trick for a ewe to come up with. Afterall they're not noted to be the brightest creatures on the farm. 

Normally I wouldn't be interested in keeping a male lamb, but I'm making an exception in this case. First, my flock is too small and I need to increase numbers. Second, this fella is pretty. So he's a keeper. 

Now I need a "ram" name for him. Any suggestions? We already used E-Ram, Mystery Ram, Rambunctious, and Rambo. 


  1. Suggestions are coming in. So far:
    Ford Ram 150
    Graham Cracker