Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Structured Water

Recently I've been bombarded with supposedly scientic information about the benefits of "structured water". The first couple of emails started of with asking for my experiences with watering seedlings, but quickly shifted to a sales pitch about the magical qualities of structured water, the fantastic health benefits, the scientific "proof" supporting the amazing properties of structured water.......and not surprisingly, the pitch to sell me a machine to make structured water at a "very good price". 


The structured water gimmick was debunked a while ago, but it is rearing it's head again. I have a friend here who wholeheartedly believes the hype although he's never used the stuff or tried any experiments with it. All his "proof" comes from parroting second hand information of supposed scientific  documentation. The alleged proof behind structured water is peppered with just enough real info to make the uninitiated accept the whole spiel as truth. My friend has fallen for it. 

So this is just a note to beware. It is very easy to fall victim to those snake oil dealers. When I hear something that sounds too good to be true, too fantastic, involves magicical energy, AND very importantly, is something that Big Business hasn't grabbed yet to make their annual profit with....then it's time for me to be skeptical. 

Yes, structured water hype looks to be making its rounds once again. 


  1. Hmm, this is the first I saw about structured water. Looked it up and it seems the idea is that water molecules line up on the edge of cells. Seems to make sense because water molecules are polar, that is they have a positive and negative side. If the cell wall is charged then the water will line up. Doesn't make sense to buy special water though. Water molecules are all the same. Well, except for the various isotopes that make up the water. But that is a different issue. Haven't seen heavy water sold for health benefits yet. Heavy water is a real thing. Maybe your friend should look into that.

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  2. Just read more, the machine being sold has no filters, chemicals, moving parts and does not use electricity. "The working part is water itself." Yup, all water is the same. There are many ways to add or remove things from water but with the product I saw the machine does nothing. Scam indeed.


  3. I've never heard of structured water, but somehow, even the name sounds fishy. Thanks for the heads up.