Monday, December 21, 2015

Update - Walk In Closet

I haven't posted an update lately. I'm still working on the walk in closet, but I keep getting sidetracked. So I'm trying to make an effort to focus on this project more than I have. 

The interior walls are now 3/4 complete. The cedar tongue n groove is all used up so I need to go pick up more. With no more cedar to use, attention has been turned to the trim. The interior window trim is a simple mitered picture frame with no window sills. It's a closet, so window sills would get in the way of shelves and storage. So why bother. 

My mitering efforts in the past have been total failures, so David milled and mitered all the trim. 

The outside siding is all in place now, and the windows are trimmed out, plus everything is caulked. Next step was staining, something I'm quite good at. The grey stain is my own mix of 3/4 harbor grey and 1/4 antique bronze, Behr solid exterior stain (I'm noting it here so that if perchance I forget the formula in the future, I can come back here and find it. At my stage of life, accurate recall has become an uncertainty.) coming out a color I call Ohia. The window trim is a 100% antique bronze. 

The battens are going up but we're still in the process of finishing up a few on the long wall, plus each end wall still needs the batten trim. 

The end wall by the banana trees is complete except for the batten trim. 

Same for the far end. 

It's getting there. Just a bit more exterior work. But a lot more interior work to get done. 

Next up...... the electrical for the ceiling lights
...get more cedar tongue n groove and finish the last interior wall
...trim out the closet doorways (no doors)
...put up foam insulation in the ceiling
...cedar the ceiling and sheath the rafters
...install the flooring shelving and hanger space 
...move in all our junk in order to decluttering the rest of the house while still saving room for our clothing in the closet

Next house project---- finish the bedroom. 

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