Sunday, December 20, 2015

Don'tcha Just Hate It When.......

I seem to be having an on going battle with my gate entrance. It's all one sided of course, with me myself being the primary dancer. You see, I have to get out and open the gate each time. "Efficient laziness" dictates that I pull just far enough inside so that I can open and close the gate behind me, plus not have to walk too much extra in order to do that. Thus the game...or dance.

Here the scenario.....
...pull up to gate
...get out of truck, unlock and open gate
...get back into truck and pull through
...get out of truck to close and lock gate on

Sounds simple, right? But this is how it actually happens far too often....
...pull up to gate
...get put of truck, fight with lock (Gawd, I got to remember the bring that spray grease down here), open gate
...get back into truck and pull through
...get out of truck to close gate. Discover that I once AGAIN failed to pull forward enough, for the umphteenth time. Blast, dang, gawdangit, bugger. Climb back into truck and pull forward another foot. 
...get out of truck to close and lock gate. Try to remember to put the spray grease into the truck for the next time. on. Promptly forget about the spray grease. 

No, I didn't stage this!!!!!! By far this is the worse, or closest, miss I've had. I even tried rocking the gate so that I could get it past the truck. I couldn't close the truck's tail gate without unloading numerous long t-posts. I had considered it, but concluded it was less effort to climb in and move the truck than remove all the t-posts.  

Now I gonna try to remember to bring down a post, rock, marker, whatever to designate how far I need to pull up the truck for the future. Ooooo, I'll just bring it down with the spray grease on my next trip out. 

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  1. LOL. I could so appreciate this post and all it entails. At least you don't have goats trying to dash through the gate just because it's open! (And then hollering up a storm because once they get out, they want back in again.)