Saturday, December 26, 2015

Goodbye Piggies

Oh no, not ALL my pigs. Just the last duo of half grown ones. They are up to a good size now, so I posted a message on craigslist a couple of days ago and sold them the first day. That's a record for me. But I guess it happens to have something to do with the holiday season. People are looking for things to put in their imu.

The deal I struck on these pigs was sweet. The buyer happens to be in my town region and has agreed to give me a shoulder roast from each pig. Now that's just fine with me. I get to enjoy naturally fed, home raised pork without the work of slaughter and butchering. And as a bonus he will save the offal and skin that he doesn't want. The slaughter waste gets added to mom's slop n glop, my standard chicken & pig feed. Plus on top of that, his brother fishes from time to time, so I've made a connection for future fish waste. Plus the buyer bought two buckets of taro corms from my garden. Win-win for everyone.....except the pigs and fish I suppose. 

How can I send pigs to their deaths? I feel that if I'm going to be raising livestock on a farm, I have to accept the reality that people eat meat. Meat comes from animals, that were at one time alive. Homestead livestock rearing surely makes the circle of life concept very much a reality. 

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