Sunday, June 2, 2013

Flowers- Important on my Farm

butterfly bush

ohia tree
 a type of bromiliad 


So what's the big deal about flowers? Flowers are important to me because they are beautiful and make me smile. They are also a cheap therapist...give it a try. Grab a thick, soft blanket or pillow and sitting down in front of a lovely flower. Take time to really study it, it's colors, the way it is formed, it's feel, it's odor, how it dances in the breeze. The experience is serene, calming, and recharges my personal spirit. I feel connected to nature and become an integrated piece of this world
another bromiliad

Beyond the personal benefit, flowers are an asset to any farm producing vegetables. They draw bees and other pollinators to the farm. 

To me, a homestead farm needs to be not only functional, but also be pleasing to live on. Flowers help to make the farm a home. 

yet another bromiliad

I place a rather high priority on flowers. Before I ever got really involved in creating a workable farm, I started planting flowers on my new land. There was a lot of stress in making the big move here to Hawaii and changing our lifestyles, so I turned to flowers to help me out. Flowers were one of the things that helped me stay sane and calm while I worked through the changes. 
hibiscus - the state flower

I'm a big proponent of flowers. Annuals, biennials, perennials, it doesn't matter. I plant whatever. I'm always adding more or replacing ones that didn't last.




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