Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Earthquake 5.6

Just had a bit of an earthquake. It's been quite a while since we've had an earthquake around here that we could feel in Naalehu. I was down at the post office in town when the floor gave a couple of jiggles, then thump! The building did a counterclockwise hula to a low, slow rumble-rumble-rumble. It was a significant earthquake, but not a biggie. It wasn't until I got home right now that I found out it occurred about 25 miles away under the ocean. A 5.6.  If it had been closer, it would have  been more attention getting.

Earthquakes use to happen in the area fairly frequently when we moved here. Small ones that you could hear coming down the mountain, give your house a rattle, then continue on down the hill. But for the past few years things have been pretty quiet around here. Pahala has been having small ones off and on, but not much on this side of the mountain/volcano. I've actually missed having them, and many people has said the same thing. We were so use to the frequent small shakers.

This earthquake was most likely associated with Lo'ihi, the newest volcano off the coast. Thus it doesn't mean something it going on with Mauna Loa, the volcano I live on. Eventually Mauna Loa will stir to life, but not this time.

Thursday when I get to my desk top computer again, I'll post the earthquake data for you to see. This is what we locals check on a regular basis to keep up to date on the earthquakes,


  1. I had to laugh at your description:

    "...the floor gave a couple of jiggles, then thump! The building did a counterclockwise hula to a low, slow rumble-rumble-rumble."

    That was exactly how it was here also...and I am north of Hilo, quite a ways from you!

  2. How funny, and how interesting, Sonia. I thought that perhaps quakes were felt differently depending on your location. So, you felt it the same. Interesting! I saw that the press over on Oahu was making a bigger deal about the quake then we were around here. guess they are hungry for a story.

    After the big quake above Kona I went around and earthquake poofed the house. Put non-slip matting on the shelves, put a little guardrail on the shelf where I store the glasses and mugs, screwed the mirrors to the wall. That sort of thing. All storage shelves now have lips on the edge to prevent stuff from vibrating off. As a result, nothing was out of place when I got home and checked. No earthquake damage.

    My mom was outside hanging clothes and didn't notice the quake. Same sort of thing happened to me during the Kona quake. I was out in the garden and didn't know why the dogs started barking. Hubby had been in the house and was all excited and wide eyed when I came in to hush the dogs.

  3. Tectonic rhythm
    We get to do a new dance
    And Pele is happy.