Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Local Lima Bean

Another lima I'm trying in the greenhouse is a local black & white, large beaned lima. I have no idea if this a landrace or if it is an imported lima. I've been given a couple of local names for it, but I can't verify any of them yet. But I'm still looking for a lead on identifying this variety. For now I just refer to it an Hawaian Landrace.

I have been able to get this variety to grow on my farm but not produce well. It's a pole type and grows vigorously. But the temperature tends to be too cool on my farm for most hot weather crops. So in the past I've only gotten a handful of seed off a dozen or so plants. Surely not enough for eating. 

I'm trying one more time, but in the greenhouse this time. I'm curious to see if this variety can produce decently or not. 

Oh by the way, if you have suggestions on what this bean might be, it's not Christmas or Calico lima. I've already checked those out and they don't compare. 


  1. "P" emailed this...,,,,,,
    I’ve been growing this bean in a garden box (with root knot nematodes) for years. One plant usually produces about 1 1/2 cup of dried beans. I consistently lose about a quarter cup per to some bean maggot, and this year only two seedlings survived, so I got 2 1/2 cups of beans. They are very tasty and store well if picked over carefully. I was given them by a friend and was told they were "Hawaiian Lima Beans". They always breed true and produce over about a month, six weeks. If you get more info let us know. I’m at 1800’ in a dry zone in Kula Kai. I do nothing except water and pee on them. There are more than we can eat in a year usually, but not enough to sell (well, I only ever have maybe 6 or 7 plants). They are very pretty, yes?

    1. Wow, I didn't know you were growing them! Terrific! You're a lot warmer where you are, and drier. I got my seeds from someone in HOVE living at 2100'-2200', so I don't think elevation is my problem. I'm eager to see if the greenhouse makes a difference for me.
      I have one more source to check for the identity of this lima, but I can't find my book right now. It's packed away in a box somewhere. If it's not listed in that source book, then I'd have to assume it is indeed an Hawaiian originate. It hasn't shown up in any of the foreign databases so far either. There is only one photo on the internet that I've seen and it's a stock photo with no description. Drats, no info.