Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Finally Getting Back to Work

I've officially declared myself "well & fit". So it's back to work, the kind of work I enjoy. I get no pleasure in sitting in my chair and reading or napping all day. I was often called lazy as a young person growing up, but I look back and think, how wrong was that? I was active. I did things. Perhaps (actually, no perhaps about it, it is true)  I never liked housecleaning, sewing, ironing, and cooking, but I was involved with all sorts of other things. I travelled miles on my bike, built tree forts kid-style, ran and explored the local woods, rode the unbroke ponies down at the local riding stable, haunted the local libraries, rode the bus to downtown Philly to spend the day in a museum. No, I wasn't a lazy kid, I just wasn't the happy homemaker type. I ducked out of homemaking tasks as much as I could. And now as an adult, I'm still active and doing things. 

So tomorrow I get back on schedule. I've got fences to fix, gardens to till, manure to harvest, container boxes to make. And lots of seeds to start sowing. The atv cart needs repair----perhaps it's time to think about getting a new one. I need to finally get around to repairing the driveway, so I need to order a gravel delivery. And it's the time of year to add a few more fruit trees, so I need to get holes dug, which is no easy task. Plus I've been talking about taking down those pallets that I had lined the pig pasture with, way back when the piglets were breaking out. No pigs in that pasture anymore. It's going to be used by the sheep and goats. So the pallets can go. Did you notice there's no mention of housecleaning? 

Yup, there's a lot to keep me busy. 

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