Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wednesday Diary

I guess my favorite day of the week is Wednesday, simply because it's my town's market day...and everything goes from there. Here's how my day typically goes, not exactly heart stopping excitement, but it doesn't take much for this country girl to enjoy market day. 

Up early as usual. Morning chores are abbreviated on market day. I check on all the critters and distribute feed. The rest can wait until I get back. Even the breakfast dishes. Hum, especially those dirty dishes. 

Back at the house, I like to do some finishing touches on whatever produce I'm taking to market. Today it's freshly dug turmeric. Most the prep was done last night, but this morning I still need to weigh it out into individual baggies. Feeling totally optimistic (heck, the sun is shining so beautifully this morning), I pack up an extra dozen baggies. 

I invite Noodles to come along. He's ecstatic. Tail thumping, big grin, jumping with joy. Boy, you would think I never let him ride in the truck. Maybe the sun has him in a good mood too. So he hops into the passenger seat and off we go.  

There's a full contingent of vendors today. Even a couple overflow folks on the roadside, hoping the cops will be in a good mood and pass them by. First stop is the veggie vendor at on the Shaka Restaurant grounds. He likes my turmeric and has been selling out every week so far. I return to the truck with more than enough red cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce. Both sides are happy with the trade. Back at the truck Noodles is disappointed. I guess he was hoping there'd be dog cookies in that trade. 

Next stop, the main market. This time when I return to the truck there are goodies for Noodles, plus homemade sourdough bread, a big bag of oranges, several tomatoes, a dozen eggs, 3 banana lumpia, an entire bunch of green bananas, fresh young ginger, and a gigantic frozen tilapia fish. No Noodles, you can't have the fish. Looks like I made a good decision packing the extra turmeric. It's a hot item this morning. Some days are better than others, and today all the turmeric was successfully traded. 

Back home I still had a full day ahead. The rest of the morning was spent wielding a sawsall, cutting up wood pallets. I aim to add a couple new chicken enclosures. They're almost completed but I need more planks to finish the task. I also got the electric sheep fencing moved, opening up some new pasture space for the girls. (Only took less than 15 minutes. Gee, I love this fencing!)  And moved 3 loads of rock up to the driveway rock wall construction area. David was around today and caught up on most of the weedwacking around the place. 

After lunch I went back and finished up the daily routine chores, even threw a load of laundry into the washer. This still left me with time to haul piles of pulled up ferns from the back pastures up to the driveway hugelpits that I'm working on. Clearing out the ferns is the pasture improvement project. Using the ferns as fill is part of the hugelpits project. One hand washes the other........or zero waste, whichever way you want to look at it. Worked till 5, then called it a day and took a nice hot shower. I still really appreciate hot showers. The memory of cold ones hasn't totally faded away yet. Then managed to hang out the wash before collapsing into the easy chair. Those dang dirty breakfast dishes will have to wait until after dinner. 

Hubby came home early (government shutdown is interfering with his work. In fact, he might not even get paid this month, but we'll see how that goes.) Dinner do sandwiches sound? ........ Fresh homemade sourdough bread, tomatoes, lettuce, egg salad, and pipinola pickles. Sounds just fine to me. 

After dinner (yes, I washed the dishes), catch up on the internet then watch the kittens play.....better than tv!! 

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