Sunday, January 20, 2019

Piglet Visitors

Look who's come to visit! 

3 little eight week old piglets. One black boy (on the left), one black girl ( standing on the right), and one dark chocolate girl (laying down on the right). For right now they are in my quarantine pen......

This pen is made from plastic pallets, except for the door. Those plastic pallets are quite heavy and would be impossible as a door. The plastic makes things easy to hose clean and sanitize between uses. 

The pen is five pallets long, so it gives the piglets some space to move around. They have blankets and sheets to lay on in the far end of the pen, which has a rainproof roof & tarp. They also have food and water bowls, and toys to play with. Yes, toys. Piglets love to play if given the opportunity. 

Usually the first few days in the new pen the piglets are shy. But these little guys are quite bold and confident. It didn't take long for them to rearrange their bedroom, check out the toys, and eat a meal. Tomorrow  I plan to treat them for lice and deworm them. Then they will be ready for their new homes. 


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    1. You betcha! I've really done to enjoy pigs, especially piglets.