Thursday, April 5, 2018

My Busy Non-farm Day

Some days just aren't farming days. Not that I want them this way, but it's just how they turn out. Today was one of those. My wwoofer thinks all days should be farming days, and he's a bit frustrated when things interfere with his farm plans. I see this frustration in other young farmer wannabes around here. But days often don't unfold according to plan. I've learned to roll with it so that it doesn't stress me out. Remember, I ran away from the stressful life. I ran to a rural life, a homesteading life. I don't need to fall back into the old habits of getting frustrated and stressed out. 

The only farming chore that got done today was caring for the livestock. That's the basic "must do" list around here. I will never skip the animals, never neglect them. They rely upon me for their care and welfare, so it's one task that can't be neglected. 

So what the heck was I up to today? Life. 
... Care for livestock.
... Headed over to Pahala to get my annual blood tests taken. Hungry as heck. No food and water before the blood draw. Hit the town restaurant for breakfast right afterward. Had a great omelet, but I think being super hungry had an influence on my opinion of that omelet. 
... Picked up hubby's prescription at the pharmacy. 
... Back home -- cared for the cats that I had taken to the spay/neuter clinic yesterday. Took "Grey" back the Hana Hou restaurant where she lives under the building. Delivered "Pumpkin" and "Sugar Baby" to their newly adopted home outside of town. Those two are very lucky feral cats. They've been adopted. 
... Picked up the trash from a number of elderly residents who can't get their trash to the dump. So I made a dump run. 
... Checked on a neighbor's ailing goat. 
... Back to town to have lunch with hubby. 
... Picked up a truckload of cardboard from a local business and took it back to the farm. Unloaded it, of course. 
... Picked up propane and gasoline to replenish my supply. 
... Cut down a banana bunch and delivered it to a person I had promised it to. 
... Helped a neighbor repair their gate, a two person job. 
... Picked up a UPS package at the drop box. 
... Dinner
... Checked on neighbor's ailing goat. 
... Wrote blog entry. 

Full day. Whew! Hopefully I'll get to some farm work tomorrow. 

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