Monday, September 25, 2017


Things might be quiet on this blog, but daily life has been a-hopping! I've been working on a number of projects. But I've also been nursing a bad cold, so I haven't been getting everything done that I hoped to. Getting sick, even when it's just a cold, really puts a crimp in my energy level. After dinner, I melt into my lounge chair and....that's it folks. But by the very fact that I'm posting on this blog again, you can rest assured that I'm recovered. 

So what's been going on these past 2 weeks? 

1- Repair and improve the utility shed next to the mini-barn. 
2- Fence in a pasture for dairy goats. 
3- Build a small rain shelter for the new goats. 
4- Build a rainwater catching roof beside the ag tank. 
5- Build a deck under the rain roof.
6- Build a small tool shed. 
7- Expand the garden beds. 
8- Get a puppy..........yikes, yes I did! 

I can't claim to have done all this work all myself. I was feeling too sick. So with David around, I opted to focus on one job and do it well........get a puppy! I think I picked the best of the jobs. 
Above, waiting at the airport to board the plane. 

Riding in the plane. He did really good sitting on hubby's lap. 

His favorite toys : stuffed animals. 


  1. Love those "angel wings" - hind legs stretched behind!

    1. He likes to lay like that all the time. Guess he won't be a candidate for hip dysphasia. That's good. He's kind of a flaccid, noodle-like puppy. He lays in all sorts of weird positions.