Saturday, September 30, 2017

Fixing Up the Utility Shed

This shed was built in 2002 and outside of being repainted, it hasn't received much maintenance. So it was time. In truth, it was far overdue. 

Since the small solar system in the shed was pau (no longer functional), I opted to bring light into the shed with two new windows. The windows also help keep the shed cooler, since on hot sunny days it would become an oven inside. Good for drying macnuts, but not so good for seeing what you're doing. 

Window on the east side...above. 
Windows on the west side....below.
They're trimmed out but not painted yet. These are just standard 2'x3' sliding windows I picked up at Home Depot. 

The ramp leading up to the door was rotting. Since I no longer needed to use this shed to store the tiller and generator, I no longer needed a ramp. So I cobbled together a platform to help step up into the shed. 

The roof had developed a small leak. A slathering of Henry's roof patch solved that problem. 

Next....empty out the shed, drag over a hose and give it a thorough washing. There was evidence of a few mice and rat visitors, thus I didn't want to raise dust by brooming. Water was a safer option. Once dry, the entire interior got a coat of sealer. 

Now was the chance to fix up the floor. Tapping with a hammer, I couldn't find any soft spots, nor any spot that produced a funny sound. It was still in good shape. I took the opportunity to tile the floor. The tile will help keep the shed nicer and easier to clean. 

The final touch -- trim. Finishing off the trim around the door, windows, and on the corners, the shed is looking good. I expect it to last a number of years yet. 

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