Monday, April 4, 2016

Walk-in Closet - Last Update

The closet is one of my sloooooow projects. It's getting done one small step at a time. So as of today, the clothes rail is finally in place. 

It didn't take me 10 minutes before I had it full! It's so nice to have my clothes hanging up again.

Hubby got the wiring and switches done today for the ceiling lights. Ah, another step closer to finishing this project. I just need to go out and purchase two ceiling lights and install them. 

After that, the only thing else I have planned is a few storage shelves and hooks for hanging stuff. 

I had previously declared thus project finished, but of course, I obviously jumped the gun. But outside of a small shelf here or there and a few hooks, it really is done now.......oh yeah, I already forgot about installing those ceiling lights. Ok, it's almost done. But for the second time, I'm declaring it pau (finished). 

The next project? ......... Only one room left to do : the bathroom. 

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