Thursday, August 27, 2015


It's starfruit season once again. I admit I'm not an avid star fruit user. I suppose that's because I haven't come upon good ways to use them. For right now, I eat them raw......a little diced up in salads, plus I'll add a fruit to smoothies (my smoothies tend to be chunkies.)
Star fruit are so plentiful that I wish I had some ideas on how to use them more. Hubby and I don't do desserts, so that's out. 

If any of you out there have starfruit recipes, other than desserts, I'd love to hear from ya. 

Starfruit is a pretty cool looking fruit. Whole, it's odd looking. Sliced across, it really does look like a star. 

I've noticed that there is often only one seed per fruit. Occasionally more but not many. Such a good sized fruit, you'd think there would be more. The seed is small and inconspicuous, found in a tubelike membrane that runs lengthwise in the fruit. I've collected a number of these seeds and used them to start new trees. 

In the above photo you can see where I sliced through the one and only seed in that fruit. I did that on purpose so you could see it. And I placed another fresh seed on the side for your viewing. A fairly small seed for a fruit that can be twice the size of a fist. 


  1. Su Ba, don't wait to harvest them until they're ripe - gather them while they still have a little bit of that greenish tone under the skin, but turning yellow. Wash slice and pickle as you would cucumbers.

  2. ....salt a little........then dehydrate.......

  3. I agree with Sonia: pickles! Also, you can ferment for wine, cider, and vinegar. Our starfruit still has a couple of weeks to go...

  4. Completely off topic: How are you preparing for the hurricane?

  5. Thanks for all the suggestion, via email and comments. Thanks.

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