Saturday, June 6, 2015

Goatling Leaves for New Home

Little Stormy is heading for his new home. One of the neighbors has been wanting him in order to keep their other goat company. So they have bern patiently waiting for Stormy to grow up. He needed to grow large enough where he couldn't squeeze through the field fence. Well, he's finally made it. 

What a cutie he's been. And a little brat....but then again, he's a goatling. They are all brats! 

As you can see, Stormy is already getting his horns. Since the neighbor's other goat is horned, we opted to let Stormy keep his. He will need them in order not to be bullied by the other goat. If I had planned on keeping him, then Stormy would have been dehorned. So horns he got to keep. No so with testicles. He's been banded, so he won't become a stinky billy goat. 

My next door neighbor has helped raise fact he named him too.....and has made this little guy rather tame and friendly. 
So I expect that Stormy will do well in his new home. Lucky goat! He gets the chance to live a long natural life. No BBQ or smoke meat future for this little goat. 

Oh by the way, his name is going to be changed to Clyde. Since little Stormy doesn't know his current name yet, it's fine if the new owners wish to use a different name. Over time, he'll learn that he has a name...and Clyde is shall be. 

People often ask me if I'm sad when a kid, lamb, pig or whatever gets sold or given away. No, not really. By the time I've thought about arranging the deal, my mind has already accepted the fact that this one goes. When I got into having livestock, I accepted the fact up front that some special ones might stay forever, but 99% won't. 

People also say, "How could you sell or give away an animal knowing that it might be slaughtered?" Again, I accepted the fact before I got into livestock. So for me it's not a problem. 


  1. What kind of goat is he? Super cute (as all young ones are) We have lots of meat goat people around here. Those are the white and brown ones. Boer I guess they're called. My husband is against goats. Says they're too much trouble and I guess that may be true. But I would have a couple goats or two. I have not done any research on it at all so I'm probably way off base when I say I would like to learn how to milk a goat because the French in me would like to make chevre. I would also like to have a pig or two because I like Barbe et Queue (From the mustache to the tail!) BBQ. I also like kahlua pig. So if I had a pig I would name it Kahlua.

    1. Great name for a pig! The goatling is a feral. Both of his parents were captured in this area by a hunter. The feral goats around here are mainly Spanish, but there is an assortment of domestic breeds in them too. So they aren't pure Spanish. They are quite hardy, smart, agile, and survivors. Plus tasty.

    2. He kind of looked Spanish. But I've learned not to speculate on animal's breeding anymore. I never get it right. Dogs, chickens, you name it. I'm wrong. It has to be a completely dish faced Arab to guess right on horse breeding. That's it.

  2. Redundant Renee! A couple goats or two! Proofread B4 Publish!