Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cane Spider Update

Now for a bit of fun.........

There's a female cane spider living at one of the area's community centers. In the bathroom. Up at the top of a shower curtain. And she's obviously quite successful there because she is huge and tending are large egg case, 

What I find that is cool is that she has been allowed to live. She's in good condition. Getting enough food to reproduce. So she must be doing a wonderful job of killing the bugs at the center. 

I wouldn't mind having this gal living at my place. I get way too many annoying moths, little flies, mosquitos, and other itty bitty flyers and crawlers. My daddy longleggers so a decent job, but one big cane spider like this one could eat far more that a bunch of daddy longleggers.

1 comment:

  1. Did you just feel a big shaking of the ground? That was not an earthquake. That was me shuddering at the sight. Not as big of a shudder if I'd been standing where you are taking the picture. OOOOOOOHHH!