Tuesday, April 7, 2015

For Bunny Lovers- Rabbit Feed Alphabetical (updated 4/10/15)

I keep getting requests for a list of fresh foods that are safe to feed to rabbits. I'm not here to tell you what to feed your rabbit. I can only say what I feed to mine. My rabbits get an assortment of all sorts of foods. It's whatever I have handy that is ready to go. Yes, you've noticed that I give them stuff that other websites say not to. Well, so far I haven't had a problem. No sick rabbits. But perhaps it's because they always get hay or grasses daily, either alfalfa hay cubes or young grass from the farm. And perhaps it's because they always get a variety of things to pick from, though most are little piggies and eat it all. Oh one more thing. They don't get rabbit pellets. No need. 

So here's a master list, to date, and alphabetized to boot. 

Alfalfa- fresh and dried
Apples (I only have access to fruits at the moment)
Aztec spinach
Bamboo- young leaves 
Bananas- fruits including the peel, leaves, cut up trunk
Bean- leaves; young pods are sometimes eaten
Beets- leaves and bulb
Blue snakeweed
Bok choy 
Broccoli, including the leaves, and stalks if split
Carrots- roots and tops
Cauliflower, including the leaves
Celeriac- leaves, stalks, and bulb
Celery, leaves and stalks
Chinese cabbage
Chinese greens, all of them that I've tried I far
Cooked c.o.b. (corn, oats, barley) 
Corn- leaves, tender parts of stalk, ears including the cob, tassels
Cucumbers- fruits and leaves
Daikon- roots and leaves
False staghorn fern- young leaves and stems, young frond heads 
Guava fruit
Ginger- flowers
Grasses- most, especially when young
Honohono grass
Jerusalem artichoke- entire plant except woody stalks
Kohlrabi- leaves and bulb
Lemon- the rind. A few will eat some pulp.
Lilokoi- they prefer the fruits cooked, rind and all. 
Loquat- leaves and the bark off of young branches
Mamaki- leaves and young twigs
Mango- fruits
Melons- fruit, rinds, and seeds
Mustard greens
Noni- only the fully ripe soft fruit
Oats- grain and fresh greens
Oranges- fruit. They reject the rind.
Papaya- fruits, leaves, and tender stems
Peas- vines and pods
Peppers, sweet- fruits with seeds
Pineapple - fruits with rind, leaves
Pipinola- fruits and leaves
Plantain (the weed) 
Portuguese cabbage
Pumpkin- seeds and pulp, flowers, growing tips of vines
Radishes, roots and leaves 
Rose- flowers, hips, leaves, young twigs
Rutabaga- leaves and roots 
Salad burnet
Squash, summer- fruits, flowers, growing tips of vines
Squash, winter- seeds and pulp, flowers, growing tips of vines
Strawberries- fruits and leaves 
Sugar cane, leaves and stalks
Sunflower- leaves, young stalks, flowers, seed heads
Sweet potato- tubers, leaves, and vines
Sword fern 
Tangelos- fruit. They reject the rind.
Tangerines- fruit. They reject the rind. 
Taro, cooked corm. Some will eat it, some won't. 
Thimbleberry- fruits, leaves and tender twigs
Tomatoes- fruits ripe or unripe
Turnips- leaves and roots
Watermelon- fruit including the rind & seeds, tender stem tips and leaves 
Wheat- grain and fresh greens
Yacon - entire plant except the woody stalks
Zucchini squash

Rejected --
Ginger leaves 
Guava leaves
Mango leaves (I know that other people feed their rabbits mango leaves, but mine don't eat them)
Noni leaves
Pumpkin flesh, fresh
Hawaian Ti leaves
I haven't offered them items that I think might be toxic or just don't seem to be bunny food. 

Things I will be trying soon: 
Loquat fruit
Mulberry fruits and leaves

I don't have a number of bunny friendly food growing here that I had back on the mainland. And I haven't yet tried introducing them to my farm. Things like dandelion, clovers, bramble berries, stone fruits, pears, grapes, nettles. There are a number of other plants that I've read that they like, but I don't happen to be growing them yet, such as buckwheat. 

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