Monday, April 20, 2015

Fencing - Top Barbed Wire

I admit I'm not the best fence installer. It's a hard job. And I don't know any of the inside tricks of the trade. But I got the initial fence up successfully. Since then David has taken over the task of repairs when needed. And after the January windstorm, there were plenty of places that the fencing needed repairs due to downed trees. While making repairs, we decided to run a stand of barbed wire atop the fence. But alas, the posts weren't always high enough or the fencing made an awkward dip some place. How to keep the barbed wire in its proper location? 

David to the rescue on this one. Without a bit of hesitation he clipped a short strand of barbed wire and deftly twisted it this way and that. So even though the fence post (above) was too short, it was no problem. The barbed wire got firmly and correctly positioned. 

 In other locations the barbed wire was riding too high, or too low. Again a short strand of wire properly twisted held the barbed wire strand exactly where it should be. 

Brilliant! Gee I wish I had thought of that one. But I thank whoever came up with this simple solution. 

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