Thursday, February 13, 2014

Silly Socks

Half the socks I wear are mundane white, black, or brown. They're my work or hiking socks. But the rest of my sock draw is filled with the kind of socks that will either make you laugh (I'm hoping for that) or cause you to scowl in disapproval. If you're the scowler type, oh well....that's your problem not mine. 

What the heck is a mid 60s woman doing wearing crazy socks? Having fun! People around here have come to expect it of me and often check out my socks when I come to town. Now would I be one to disappoint them? Naw. I make sure that especially on market day, I wear something crazy. 

These socks have become a form of comic relief. I work hard at homesteading and building my house. Sometimes it's discouraging when things go wrong. I've weathered crop failures, livestock deaths, broken equipment, failed experiments. Sometimes things just don't go well when I'm trying to build the house. And as I grow older I detest losing my stamina and slipping physically. And don't even go to the discussion of memory!!! I don't want to hear it.    :)     So a bit of childlike play comes in handy to keep the old morale up. 

Growing up I was constantly reprimanded to "act your age", "act grown up", "be ladylike". Most of the time I conformed to society's expectations. But sometimes the child in me burst out. Now that I'm older I no longer bother to "act my age". Jeez, acting like an old woman surely isn't fun. What am I expected to do? Sit in a rocking chair on the front porch? No way, Jose! I'd rather let the child out to play as often as I can. Life is much better that way. 

Happily I live in an area that is full of non-conformists and some really weird people. There's quite a bit of tolerance for oddballs here. So no one batts an eye at my crazy socks. Instead of disapproval, I am often greeted with smiles, laughter, and jovial kidding. Yes, life is much better that way. Fun is good. 


  1. LOL, oh Su Ba, almost looks like my sock drawer! I'm always a sucker for colorful socks. Some women can't resist shoes, my weakness is socks. Yours too I see! At our age we are above caring what other folks think, right?

    But I don't see any handknit socks in your collection. Talk about colorful, fun, and comfy!

  2. Leigh, I hadn't considered hand knit socks. What a great idea! I'm not a knitter but I know of several people who are. I think I'll commission some wild, crazy socks to add to the fun. ;)

    1. Sock yarns are glorious in their colors and patterns. It's fascinating to knit and watch the pattern appear before your eyes. Also fun to wear!

  3. Too funny...Love your crazy socks and I hope you keep on wearing them the rest of your life regardless of age!

    I remember when I was much younger, anyone older than 40 was ancient. People our age would dress in sober clothing and awful 'old lady shoes'...Now I am 77 and refuse to dress like the old ladies I knew when I was young...

  4. Sonia, I remember that my grandmothers dressed in somber house dresses and wore those clunky old lady shoes. They'd probably flip if they saw how I dressed!

  5. Best part of these kine socks is one of a kind mixes are better than a matched pair. I have been too careful for too long to dutifully sort, match, and carefully fold my socks. I see a good place for the "not nice enough for going to church" socks to get tossed into a "grab and go" pile,. I used to seek out my worst socks for going on business trips and vacations, with the rule that they got tossed after wearing, not to come home (same went for older shirts and da kine). I can't quite walk right with mismatched slippahs - but now we have cold weather, so I keep the Bogs bootys lined up neat.