Monday, February 17, 2014

House Update - The Livingroom Floor

These past two weeks I've worked on getting the livingroom floor ready for tiling. That meant laying down the concrete board. It's a simple job to do. Just takes time and muscle. Most of the backer board went down in full sheets (3'x5'). But of course some needed to be custom cut the fit the odd shaped spaces. I used a circular saw with an old ripping blade. The blade was too dull for comfortable wood cutting, but I saved it specifically for this job. I did the cutting outdoors because the concrete dust will fly! And of course I wore a dust mask and took a shower as soon as I was done. 

I screwed the back boards down with those special screws made for this job. The first box I bought was Phillips-head, but alas I didn't notice that the second box was square-head. Luckily I had a square head driver in the tool box, otherwise I would have been really, really, really annoyed with myself. 

It turns out that I'm four sheets short to get the job completely done. The entire livingroom is done, but I'm missing 4 sheets for the lanai extension. But since I don't have the tile purchased yet for the lanai, I'm doing ok. When I head to town for the tile, I'll just pick up four more sheets of backer board. Simple. 
(A candidate for the lanai flooring.) 
Living in the house and building around our "stuff" is a challenge unto itself. But I've gotten use to it. Luckily David has also gotten use to it, too. So in order to put the sheets down I moved everything to be side, screwed sheds in place, then moved everything to the other side. Yes, that's work and takes time. But I need to live in this house while it is being built, so I just do it. 

With the cement backer board installed, it's time for David. He'll be laying the time floor. He does a really good job at tiling, so there's no way I'm gonna do it. Why mess it up? 

Now we need to decide the tile pattern. The tiles look like simulated wood planks. I laid them out to get an idea. Hubby and I both like the herringbone, but agree that it will be too busy for the room. So were going with a simple overlap. 


  1. OK, you have recovered from the recent illnesses. Wow, I dodged the flu bug so far, so the vaccine and mostly staying home get credit - but you are a dynamo! I agree, the herringbone creates motion in the flooring, but in a cavernous room, that breaks up the "parking lot" look; in standard or smaller rooms, it creates too much busy-ness. I heard that from my father in law some years ago (he's an interior decorator, or, as he says, "an inferior desecrator"). Your home has been thriving with your attention, obviously. Nice!

  2. I like those wood looking tiles too. Good choice. I so agree about trying to renovate the house while living in it. A true challenge!