Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sheep Update - Meet Billy

Little Billy, curious about the camera.

To date I've managed to sell all my non-bottle fed sheep except for one. Still have her for sale. Quite honestly, I'm glad to see them go. For now on, just give me bottle fed sheep!

He's curious about the grass, but doesn't eat it yet. 
My little flock of six bottle lambs is growing up. Although at times it can be a pain in the neck having them follow me around, I don't regret raising them this way. They come when called, willingly let me handle them, tolerate being groomed. I can deworm them with ease and check them for flies daily. No more chasing sheep, being knocked down, getting sweaty and dirty. Bliss! Makes me one happy shepherd.

This past week I've decided to sell the little dorper ram lamb. Actually, I'm making a trade with him. This leaves me with 2 dorper ewes and stud service from this ram in the future. Because the dorper ram is leaving, I've decided to keep the Barbados/St. Croix mix ram lamb that's now one week old. By keeping him, this gives the flock two rams plus one outside ram for stud service. That should be enough.

So........ Introducing the one, the strong, the frisky, the finger sucking, bottle drinking Billy Gra-Ram, Billy for short. While musing over ram names, we both liked Dodge Ram (Dodger for short), but Billy Graham popped up into hubby's head for some reason. I hope the real Billy Graham doesn't mind the honor of having a nice ram named after him. It's just all in fun, afterall.

Little Billy is providing to be a very quick learner. Took to the bottle on his second try. Already knows my routine. In a few days he will be introduced the the flock and see what he thinks of the big guys. But for now little Billy is up by the house learning to bond to my legs and my voice. He is learning that being touched all over equates to the arrival of a milk bottle. That it's normal to have one's hooves handled, things poked into your mouth, the house dogs sniff you all over. And to come to the sound of my voice.

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