Monday, March 4, 2013

Town Farmers' Market

Wednesdays are a traditional day for the town farmers' market. I use to be very active with the market, but there is a squabble going on (that's another story), so I don't do as much anymore. But is still enjoy going down to meet friends and get the local gossip (called "talking story" here).

Spent a pleasant morning chatting with the various vendors and locals. Found out what's new in town, talked about real estate, made connections with a person who wants  source of sweet potatoes for making dog treats, talked with a number of people who want to check the community garden. I love chatting with the local people and connecting with my community.

Came home with 5 bags of goodies: papayas, bok choy, fresh rolls, tangerines, nan bread, avocados, and local beef. It's very satisfying to be eating local stuff. The beef is grass fed and chemical free. Wonderful stuff.

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