Monday, March 18, 2013

Growing Seeds

Purple Teepee Beans
I'm growing these for the seeds. 

I've just started getting serious about producing my own seeds and starts. Every year I've been buying them from the mainland, mostly. But as part of my efforts to being self-reliant, I'm learning to produce more of my own. I've successfully experimented with some veggies, the easy ones. So for now on, certain veggies will now be 100% homestead produced.

So you ask, which veggies?
...sweet potatoes
...summer savory
...winged beans
...sugar cane
These are the ones that I know I can do successfully and easily.

I've also learned to do gourds. Since I can do gourds successfully, that means the I could do cucumbers, melons, squash, and pumkpins if I want to.  I haven't yet, but I will eventually.

Certain veggies don't go to flower here. At least I haven't seen them do it yet. I wonder if I could some how trick them into it. I have chard and parsley plants that are six years old. They have never bolted. So it looks like I won't be able to produce seed for these.

I've discovered that kale, some collards, and some broccoli can be produced vegetatively. I've taken stem cuttings and rooted them. Tomatoes also grow from tip cuttings quite easily. I'm still experimenting to see what grows. Will the stem suckers root from chard and parsley? What about eggplant and peppers? Might they grow from cuttings? I haven't tried them yet. Will onions flower here? How about beets?

I still have a lot to learn!


  1. It sounds like you are well on your way! That's a decent list.
    I would love to read more about your garden and how growing there differs from temperate areas here on the mainland.

  2. Hi Kristie! I'll start making more posts about the garden. I use to garden in New Jersey on a small scale. I find that growing things in Hawaii to be quite different. Diseases and pests are the main headaches, but soil types are so different, as are water issues, wind, length of days.

  3. Will I be arrested for bringing my own veg seeds to Hawaii? I have spent so much time collecting them, most of the better ones through FB's seed swap groups.

    1. If you try to smuggle them in and get caught, you might get fined. If you declare them when you arrive, you may or may not be allowed to take them in. It all depends upon which inspector you get. Having said this, plenty of people smuggle seeds in. I've been told how they will buy a big package of approved commercial seeds, carefully empty the seeds out then refill the envelope with their own seeds, then carefully reveal the package. You see, commercial seeds from reputable companies are allowed in.