Sunday, December 1, 2013


I'm taking two days off, heading to Honolulu to get my annual "big city" fix. Thus today (gosh, why didn't I realize that this was Black Friday! Was I insane?) we got to luxuriate in the aisles of a Barnes & Noble bookstore. Making it back to the garden section, I feasted my eyes on the titles of dozens and dozens of books. Then it hit buzzword after another. Gosh, there's a whole string of them now. Book titles included all too common phrases like --
   Urban farming
   Mini Farm
   Apartment farming
   Balcony farmer
   Container gardens
   Vertical gardening
   Hobby farmer
   Family farm
   ____Yard Farming/Gardening (fill in the blank with front or back)
   Edible Landscaping
   Factory farming
   No till
   Natural farming
   Self sufficient

And then there are the popular ones that I didn't see on book titles --
   Gentleman farmer
   Grass fed
   Free range
   Better than organic

If the book titles can be used as a poll, then food growing is the popular concern and focus nowadays. I can recall a time when bonsai was all the rage, or indoor plants, and the time there was a flurry of water garden/pond books. Now it's food oriented. Oh how the times have changed from frivolous to survival. 

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