Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Like a Tourist !

At the bottom of Waipio Valley, looking towards the back. 

Mule team that gives wagon rides in Waipio Valley.

While operating a homestead farm is work and has a serious side, I take time each month to remember that I live in Hawaii. Yes, Hawaii! So at least once a month I do one thing to enjoy this beautiful area. This month we visited Waipio Valkey. 

Waipio Valkey is on the opposite side of the island from where we live. So this was an all day adventure. Leaving early, we stopped at the feed  store in Hilo to pick up pasture grass seed for the new pasture, then scooted up the hamakua coast to Honoka'a, then to Waipio.  A nice car ride. 

We had decided to become tourists for the day and took some money from our entertainment budget to go on a wagon ride. We met the tour guide at the top, loaded into a four whel drive van, and headed down into the valley via one very narrow, twisty, and really, really steep improved jeep trail. The drive down and back up is just as good as a wagon ride. Our tour guide gave us local and historical info along the way as we decended down to the valley floor and to the mule barn. 

The wagon ride crosses the river several times, with one crossing being quite an eyeopener. But the mules are use to it and handled the steep crossing and two foot of running river quite well. We passed a number of small taro farms and had a pleasant conversation with one taro farmer. Met a number of young people along the way, some heading for the beach. 

Although I wouldn't say that this trip was dazzling, it was quite enjoyable. And for most people, the only way that they are going to get to see Waipio Valley is via a tour of some sort. 

So what are we doing for April? Don't know yet. We shall see what comes along. 

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